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Smart Law

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Book/film List / Repairing the System

Identifying a problem is usually easier than solving it. Take, for instance, the spate of police shootings of unarmed minority suspects like Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. Proposed solutions seem to vary from mild responses like more racial sensitivity training for police officers to more punitive ones like heavy criminal sanctions that are never in fact imposed . UC Berkeley Law professor Franklin Zimring in his book When Police Kill suggests a more indirect, but […]

Using Law to Teach about Life

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Nancy Schiff is a law teacher of a special sort– one who uses law to teach about life. She teaches high school students, not college grads, and she does not teach legal codes; instead she focuses on the unspoken codes of behavior that determine success in the adult world. Nancy is the Executive Director of the Center For Youth Development Through Law, a non-profit that runs an internship program for promising low income high school […]