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Sometimes Justice Needs a Good Memory– And a Long Arm

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lawyers without borders / Repairing the System

The Central American University (UCA) campus is an oasis of calm in the bustle of San Salvador. One night in 1989 that calm was shattered when six members of its faculty, all Jesuit priests, and their housekeeper and her daughter became the victims of a political assassination. The priests were all involved in human rights work. One of them, the Rev. Ignacio Ellacuria (pictured above) was attempting to broker a truce between leftist rebels and […]

Should John Yoo be Prosecuted?

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Repairing the System

Dean Erwin Chemerinsky has suggested that John Yoo should be prosecuted for conspiring to violate the U.S. statute against torture. I applaud Dean Chemerinsky for bringing up the possibility. Actions should have consequences, and up to now the torturers have not felt any. But it seems to me whether Yoo should be prosecuted depends on the facts. If the settled law was clear that water-boarding constituted torture under the federal statute and Yoo agreed […]