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To Err is Human

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Democracy's Constitution / Repairing The Systen

I really think you should take time to view the PBS documentary The Confessions. It tells the shocking story of the grave injustice done to four sailors in Norfolk, Virginia in  1997. ( A young  navy wife, Michelle Bosko, had been found raped and murdered in her apartment. Based on the “hunch” of one of her friends,  the police  started investigating a Navy enlisted man, Daniel Williams, for the crime. Williams at first denied any involvement, […]

Guilty Til Proven Innocent– and Even After!

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BurLAWcracy / Repairing the System

Amy Albritton learned the hard way that the American criminal justice system assumes that those charged with crime are guilty, at least until proven innocent, and sometimes even after. This article from the New York Times Magazine sets out Amy’s experience in detail. Amy, the divorced mother of two children, had a good job as the manager of an apartment complex in Monroe, Louisiana when she left with a new boyfriend on a get-away […]

“I’m Here”

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Heroes / Repairing the System

One of my law school professors was also an elected municipal judge who had presided over hundreds of criminal trials. One day he told us that his experience as a judge led him to believe that police officers routinely perjured themselves on the stand. I don’t think he was suggesting that they were attempting to convict people who they knew to be innocent.  They were just taking a short cut to putting a “bad guy” […]