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Never Reward a Bully

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The Sjupremes

Constitutional law expert Cass Sunstein has just given the Democratic Senators some advice on how to handle the Gorsuch vote. Sunstein  outlines five options before choosing the  one that suggests they  vote against any nominee who they feel puts in jeopardy basic constitutional protections, a description he believes   Gorsuch warrants; but that they shouldn’t go so far as to filibuster his confirmation if he has the support of a majority of the […]

Is Mitch McConnell Too Smart for His Own Good?

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Democracy's Constitution / The Sjupremes

Last Spring Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell embarked on a risky plan to deprive President Obama of the chance to appoint a Supreme Court Justice during his last year in office.   McConnell  won that bet; now it’s time to consider what the final consequences of that victory will be. Some say it gives the Republicans  control of the Supreme Court for  the foreseeable future. But turning the   Supreme Court  into an overtly partisan […]

Inside Mitch McConnell’s Brain

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Repairing the System / The Sjupremes

On the surface it may appear that President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are engaged in a titanic struggle over the future of the Supreme Court. But, as this insightful article from Brookings explains, the issue is much less cosmic when you see it from an insider’s perspective.V The article makes clear that McConnell is more an entrepreneur than an ideologue. His primary goal on this issue is not to impact the […]