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Less Lawyers = More Injustice

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Repairing The Systen

Two stories have kept popping up in the legal news the past year. One is the law student debt crisis. The other is our broken criminal justice system. We need to connect the two discussions. There are lots of people to blame for the law student debt crisis. One group of culprits is the federal regulators who approved loans to students of “fly-by-night law” schools. Another is the administrators and faculty of traditionally […]

Not on the LSAT

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Book/film List / Heroes / Legal Fictions

I am told that the greatest compliment one trial lawyer can pay to another is the comment that he or she “can see out the front.” It means the lawyer has not only knowledge of the facts of the case up to the present, but also the uncanny ability to foresee how the future will unfurl. Steven Spielberg’s new film Bridge of Spies gives us a good example of this lawyerly talent. The movie tells […]

Using Law to Teach about Life

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Nancy Schiff is a law teacher of a special sort– one who uses law to teach about life. She teaches high school students, not college grads, and she does not teach legal codes; instead she focuses on the unspoken codes of behavior that determine success in the adult world. Nancy is the Executive Director of the Center For Youth Development Through Law, a non-profit that runs an internship program for promising low income high school […]