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China Has Big Plans for Your Future

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Democracy's Constitution / lawyers without borders

When I first visited China in the 1980’s, the tallest building in Shanghai was the fourteen story Peace Hotel; when I returned a few years later, there were over fifty skyscrapers over fifty stories. So China’s economic miracle is no  surprise to me.  But up till now, it has consisted mostly of  supplying low price goods to Western consumers at very competitive prices.  Now  China is planning to provide over a trillion dollars of  capital […]

Doesn’t Look Like a Lawyer

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Heroes / lawyers without borders

This week 86 years ago, Mahatma Gandhi reached down and picked up a small clump of salt from an Indian beach. Because harvesting salt was a violation of British law, this mundane act changed the world as we know it. When countless thousands of poor Indians followed Gandhi’s example, the era of peaceful civil disobedience had begun. And civil disobedience was not confined to India. Other reformers all around the world, including Martin Luther King […]

Sometimes Justice Needs a Good Memory– And a Long Arm

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The Central American University (UCA) campus is an oasis of calm in the bustle of San Salvador. One night in 1989 that calm was shattered when six members of its faculty, all Jesuit priests, and their housekeeper and her daughter became the victims of a political assassination. The priests were all involved in human rights work. One of them, the Rev. Ignacio Ellacuria (pictured above) was attempting to broker a truce between leftist rebels and […]

Lawyers without Borders

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Heroes / lawyers without borders

Chinese human rights lawyer Pu Zhiqiang has lost his license to practice law. This op-ed in the NYT tells why. Pu dared to criticize government policy and was convicted under a law which criminalized “picking quarrels and provoking trouble.” But the article makes clear that while this was the explicit crime charged, the government’s long standing hostility to Pu was generated by his representation of clients alleging human rights abuses. Doctors have an advantage over […]