GIG Editor John Denvir has studied, practiced, taught, and written about law for over forty years.

I went to NYU (JD) and Harvard (LLM) Law Schools.  I then taught constitutional law at the University of San Francisco Law School and visited at Oregon and UC Berkeley. I also published two well-received books and several scholarly articles on constitutional theory.

But I am probably best known for my book Legal Reelism: Movies  as Legal Texts and its award-winning companion website  Picturing Justice –pioneering  entries  in the emerging field of Law and Popular Culture. Writing posts for Picturing Justice  convinced me that the most interesting commentaries  on law were not always found in judicial opinions and law review articles.  

My goal in writing this blog is to celebrate the creativity, savvy, and tenacity that the lawyers bring to their work and to urge individual lawyers to think carefully about how they want to use the power their skills provide them.

GIG wishes to thank Michael Denvir for his his extremely helpful advice on questions of design and organization.

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    • I beg to differ. "Guile" is a form of human intelligence. Like "wit" it is a good thing in itself, although it can be used for bad purposes. I think that within a properly working adversary system it mostly brings about good results for society. Lawyers, on the other hand, are moral beings. Some are good, some are not. Therefore I don't think that "Lawyers are good" would be an accurate statement. At least, that's how I see it. I address this issue at greater length in Chapter 6 of Guile is Good-- The Book.


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