My Favorites

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This month marks the 4th Anniversary of   I have decided to celebrate this event by creating a new “page”  on  the blog–“My Favorites”. Its primary purpose is to provide new readers some sense of my interests and prejudices, but I hope long time readers might also enjoying taking a look.   Here are my personal favorite posts:

1.”What It Means to Think Like a Lawyer”  (1/04/2018)

2. “What It Takes to be a Good Lawyer” (10/15/2014)

3. “Constitutional Law in 500 Words or Less” (07/12/2016)

4.”Atticus Gets Real” (09/15/2015)

5.”To Err is Human”(02/20/2017)

6.”Using Law to Teach About Life” (09/08/2015)

7.”Deadly Dreams of Omnipotence” (11/09/2015)

8. “The Heart as well as the Head”(09 /29 /2015)



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